Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can have a dramatic effect on the look of your kitchen.  You often see this on HGTV shows such as flip or flop.  They take old outdated stained or painted cabinets and make them fresh and modern with a simple application of paint.  Check out hgtv color ideas for your new kitchen look.

If you have cabinets that have been painted with a brush before you can use this method.  It is usually quite obvious.  You will be able to see the brush marks.  However, if they are stained or have been sprayed in the past this is the proper way to go.  Spraying your cabinets will give them a nice smooth and clean professional look.


You can expect to pay between 1000 to 2000 depending on the size of the kitchen.  This includes the exterior and both sides of the doors.  You can get exact prices from companies like

The actual process is quite time consuming on the prep stage.  The interior of the cabinets must be blocked off with plastic.  If painting the doors while on then the hinges must be taped and the knobs removed.  The floor mush be covered with brown paper and the room blocked off from other rooms with plastic.  The HVAC system should be off when spraying so that the paint dust does not get sucked into the return vents and spread throughout the home.

Next the cabinets mush be lightly sanded.  Then if they are stained wood they must be primed with an oil base primer.  Then the finish coat preferably oil based to create a hard surface that holds up to grease and water.